transcribed from an mp3 by Judy Satori, 10 January 2011

“In 2011, we are becoming beings who can understand their totality of the big picture of life. That we are just here in this physical body at this time to clear karma, to be of service, to do what it is that we’ve come to do. But that’s only part of the picture. The other part of the picture is that we are coming of age here on Earth. And the keys to the kingdom are being restored to us.

“This means that we are being set free of the bondage of our own limiting thoughts, to regain our true, God-given power as sovereign beings, able to create as the aspect of God that we are. ’I am that I am,’ says St. Germain. ‘I am that I am.’ And he says this for a reason – because he understands that he just ‘is’ eternally. That he is one with all life. And that his consciousness, that is linked into the mind of God, or universal consciousness, is able to be a creator.

“In his lifetime as the Count St. Germain in the 18th Century, St. Germain was known as the wonderman of Europe. He always seemed to have money, but no one knew from where it came. He was a master alchemist.

“Now we’re all here, sitting on Earth, at the beginning of 2011, needing to adapt to a new way of being. Trying to adapt to a new way of being which is about love, peace, and unity consciousness; oneness with all life, oneness with all beings. We might be working hard to hold love, peace, and oneness in our consciousness, but we don’t often get the same back in return. If we don’t pay the rent from our landlord, or the bank isn’t going to really think ‘love, peace, and oneness’ if we can’t pay our mortgage.

“In other words, we’re still needing to live in what is very much, seeming to us, a 3D world. And it’s like we’re doing the splits between 3D consciousness and fifth dimensional life. And so, it’s going to, of necessity, be like this for quite some years, really, until life and society catch up with these changes. But we need to adapt to a new way of being now, and we need to learn how to be creators of a different reality for ourselves, and to manifest what it truly is that we wish to bring into our reality, into our life.

Lack of Abundance – Armonz’s Letter

“So we’re going to ask St. Germain, because he’s an expert, how to manifest as an aspect of God. And I have here a letter. It’s a letter from Armonz, and he comes from a country called Latvia. And in this letter he describes a situation to do with abundance and money and life which I think is affecting many, many hundreds of thousands, millions of people the world over right now. So I’m going to read part of his letter to you:

“’I’d like to describe my issue,’ says Armonz. It is about money. I think this is an issue for many people at this time. It might be said that this is an abundance issue, and it is. But I would like to address the specific aspect of money. I feel abundance – everything I truly need comes to me – except money. I live in Latvia, and this is an issue for many people here – vast unemployment and lack of money.

“‘I have heard that this issue is one of the main karmic issues for Latvia as a country, and for people living in this area. Another main issue is loss of freedom, and I feel that they are interconnected. For a long time, Latvia has been governed by some other country. This is a loss of freedom. Latvians were not governing themselves. And often money has been used by those who have it to control and enslave people.

“‘So money, on some level, is associated with slavery. And on the other hand, sometimes I feel that I don’t have freedom if I don’t have money, because I can’t buy things I need. So there is this pattern: To be free, you have to have money. But to get money, you have to lose your freedom. Paradox.

“‘I feel that I am avoiding money. I need it to pay my rent. But I avoid to do something to get money because it feels that I have to become a slave again. Therefore, I have no job and no money. I could open my own business, but I don’t have any idea, strength, and inspiration to do it. And part of me truly doesn’t understand why the world needs money. So I have this inner conflict: I need money, and resist money. This is my issue.’

Advice from St. Germain

“So we’re going to ask St. Germain now to discuss this issue…. [His response:] ‘Understand that you have had many lifetimes in many different places. And where you are on the Earth at this time is representative of what it is that you are needing to experience, and what it is that you are needing to learn. It is also very important for you to understand that you are incarnated now in a place where you can most be of service…. As you are wrestling with hefty issues, or very difficult issues, you are bringing into your consciousness the experience and the understanding so that you can, when you ‘get it,’ go out in the areas where you live, and help others….

“’So it is most important for you to realize that where you are, and the issues and the challenges that are facing you at this time, are precisely the issues and the challenges that you need to learn to overcome so that you can translate this knowledge into assisting others who are also going through these problems and these situations…. And there is a way through this. There is a way out. There is a way of understanding that you are in charge of your reality. And when you step into this arena, when you understand what it is that you can do, then you can take control….

“’And I also want to express now, that in the case of people living in countries like Latvia, or maybe Poland – where they have been enslaved, where they have had their heart, their hopes, their passion, their inspiration blocked and trampled on through many lifetimes – and possibly have been reincarnated in these places many lifetimes – there is a tremendous opportunity now to transcend these old patterns. And in transcending those patterns on an individual basis, transcend these patterns for a whole race, a whole group of people who need this assistance. It’s a bit like lineage clearing. It’s a bit like clearing the line of your genetic lineage. But in actual fact, you’re clearing a soul lineage line for all those souls who have been downtrodden and have experienced these same patterns of limitation….’

“’What we wish you to understand now is that at this time (which is 2011 in Earth years) there are energies that are coming to the Earth in preparation for Earth’s Shift that will allow you to transcend these limitations. And by using certain techniques of creation, create with God mind, or God energy, in the same way that I have created…. And this is my teaching for you at this time now.’

Avalanche of Financial Abundance and Supply – Technique

“So this is what St. Germain has taught me to pass on to you, so that, as the creators that we are, we can manifest what we dream of and what we desire. He says the secret to creation, whether it is related to health, whether it’s to do with our job, whether it’s to do with more money in the bank, it’s the same.

“And what is required is to train the mind to focus this energy of thought on the goal, the outcome we want, and then to use a combination of mind power energies.

“Now, when we create mind power energies, we create a thought, and we create a feeling or an emotion that goes with that thought. We need to use the spoken word. When you use the spoken word, when you speak it out loud, it’s much more powerful than if you just think it. Even though thinking is good, speaking is better. When God created, He spoke – remember? – He spoke the Word. And so what we’re all being asked to do now is to link into God mind and speak the word of what we want to create.

“Before we practice this, we also need to be able to create three different, and separate but also combined mind power energies. And we’re going to do this in the same way that we created the love, the peace, and the oneness – which was peace on the left-hand side, love at the top of the pyramid, and oneness on the right-hand side. You might not have done this, because you might not have listened to these classes before. So what we want you to do now is to place your hands over your heart chakra, and imagine that there’s a pyramid placed on your heart chakra, and you’re looking down on it. You’re looking down at the peak of the pyramid at the top, and two lower points of the lower foundation of the pyramid on either side of your chest. And if you’re looking down at yourself, on the left-hand side of this pyramid would be the mind power of Intention, which is your Focus or your Desire for what it is that you want to create. Focus and Desire. So in that point I want you to create a feeling – just create a feeling in your being of Focus and Desire. I want this! Focus and Desire. Feel what that feels like. Focus and Desire.

“Now put your attention to the top of the pyramid. This is to do with Belief. Belief that you can create. And I want you to create a feeling here at Belief, to do with Expectancy. Create a feeling of Excited Expectancy. I expect this! This is what I anticipate. Excited Expectancy! Notice how it differs in vibration from what you just created, which was Focus and Desire. It’s a different feeling. It’s a different vibration.

“And then go to the lower right-hand side of the pyramid. This is to do with knowing that you have this — whatever it is that you want. And there you create a feeling of Gratitude. I know I feel Gratitude.

“So just quickly, from one side toward the other – at the left-hand side create the feeling of Desire or Focus. At the top of the pyramid create the feeling of Expectancy. At the right-hand side of the pyramid, create the feeling of Gratitude. And just again: Desire or Focus, Expectancy, Gratitude. Desire, Expectancy, Gratitude. Desire, Expectancy, Gratitude. And these are the vibrations that you need to hold in your being when you do your affirmations: Desire, Expectancy, Gratitude.”

[I notice that Judy is creating a time loop here – basically, nullifying time – at the instant we feel the desire, we imagine it is fulfilled. Which, I hear, is how it is in 5D. –Alice]

“So the next step is to write a simple affirmation of what you might wish to manifest. So I’ve written:

“‘With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial supply and abundance. With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial supply and abundance.’

“And you see, every time, no matter what it is you’re wanting to create, you’re using the words ‘with the power of God that I am….’ And you’re using your Intention of the power of God that I am. And your Expectancy of the power of God that I am. And your Gratitude or your Knowing with the power of God that I am. Because you’re linking into the power of God. You’re linking into God mind. Because you are part of that God mind. You are part of that energy field. So just try this. You might want to create your own information later, but just try mine right now, and see what it feels like.

“Put your hands, crossed over, on your heart chakra. Create again the feelings of Intention, which is Desire in the left-hand, lower side of the pyramid; Belief at the peak of the pyramid; Expectancy and Gratitude on the right-hand side of the pyramid. So it’s Focus or Desire, Expectancy, Gratitude. And just say these words….:

“’With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial abundance and supply.’ And just feel this. Feel yourself becoming this Creator.

“Now the secret is to say it three times:

“’With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial abundance and supply.
With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial abundance and supply.
With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial abundance and supply.
And so it is. And so it is. And so it is.’

“I just want to say that, when you’re saying your affirmation three times, it would be easier — even though you’re creating a combined mind power of Focus or Desire, Expectancy, and Gratitude or Knowing – you’re combining these energies – but it would be easier if, when you’re saying your first affirmation — ’With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial abundance and supply’ — you feel that Focus, that Desire. The second time — ’With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial abundance and supply’ — feel that Expectancy at the top of the pyramid – that feeling. And the third time — ’With the power of God that I am, I create an avalanche of financial abundance and supply’ – feel that gratitude. You see? So you’re combining these energies as you say these three repetitions of the affirmation.

“I had someone tell me recently that they’d used a particular affirmation to do with their blood, and then had blood tests. And the doctor had said to them that their blood tests were absolutely perfect, which was incredibly unusual. The doctor said that hardly anybody had a perfect blood score, with everything being in perfect harmony. So it works.

Weeding the Garden

“You might have been doing this and the thought might have come up about, ‘I have no money. I can’t do this.’ Or ‘I have to pay all this tax next month.’ Or some other situation that is the opposite of what you’re trying to create. And this is where St. Germain tells us to ‘weed the garden.’ You know, there are weeds there in our garden. Because we’ve created so many limiting and sabotaging thoughts in our lifetimes here on planet Earth. You know, it’s been the school of hard knocks.

“So, how do we weed the garden? We just look at the thought that’s come up, and you can write it down on a piece of paper. And then you can create an affirmation which reverses that thought – that puts it in the positive. This is the sort of thing that I could make a Karma Klear track around. And I could create the sound vibrations which cancel out these sound vibrations of the habitual thought processes that you’re experiencing. So you might like to look at them now, because they will be there [at ] under Karma Klear, already, for you to work with.

“And when you work with the Karma Klear tracks, do it at a separate time from working with your positive affirmations. For example, you could work with the Karma Klear tracks in the morning. And the best way to do it is to listen to one specific track only – three times at one session – and do it for seven days. Or if it’s a really strong pattern in you, do it for 14 days, or even 21 days. There’s something quite magical about the numbers 7, 14, and 21. And then, three times a day for 7 days. Three times a day for 14 days. Or three times a day for 21 days.

Creating a Mind Power Plan

“What I also suggest you do, is work out your own little mind power plan for 2011. And you might want to look at 3, or 5, or even 9 affirmations – all starting with “With the power of God that I am, I create (or I manifest)” whatever it is that you want to create or manifest. Remember, this doesn’t have to be about money, It can be whatever it is that you want to create in your life. You might have health issues. So you might want to do your whole 9 [affirmations] around your physical body. For example:

“’With the power of God that I am, I manifest perfect health in my physical heart.’ Or ‘My physical heart works perfectly and my blood is clear.’ These are probably not very good examples, but you get the picture. You have to put these situations for yourself into your own words. But start them with: ‘With the power of God that I am, I create (or I manifest, or I command) the cells of my body to function perfectly.’ ‘I command my lungs to function in a rhythmic and harmonious way.’ That sort of thing.

“And then, weed the garden. If thoughts come up, eradicate them by changing them to a positive affirmation. Or creating a Karma Klear track to cancel out those body vibrations.

To Heal the Physical Body
“Or use some of the other tools on my website – there’s heaps of them there. Or use cds like ‘Tuning the Physical Instrument’ [can be purchased on Judy’s website] for the physical body, which tunes the organs and the systems of the body back into harmony and balance.

To Improve Relationships

“Or do some of the heart-opening activations. Maybe you have a relationship that’s gone sour, and you want to turn your capacity to love around. If you wanted to attract a new relationship, or to heal the one you’ve already got, then you would say something like this: ‘With the power of God that I am, I create a loving, harmonious relationship with my husband or my wife.’ Or, ‘With the power of God that I am, I create a loving, committed husband (or wife), and a relationship which is passionate, harmonious’ – whatever it is that you want to create. You can see.

“And then, weed the garden. So any thoughts, or feelings, or patterns of behavior that come up — that are counteracting that flow of positive energy that you’re affirming – need to be addressed. Otherwise, it’s like having one positive flow of energy and another negative flow of energy coming in to meet it. And it’s cancelling out what you’re trying to do with your positive affirmation.

Closing Blessing

“So now it’s come to the time when I again say, ‘Goodbye, until we meet again.’ Don’t forget that, on the home page of my website, , will be a suggested Ascension Plan for you to follow, with much more information than I could speak to you. Written down, so that you can print it out and follow a plan that’s going to work for you best. Because everybody is different, and we’re all unique. And we all have different needs. On my website, under Karma Klear, are these clearing energy activations to do with abundance and money. And if your particular issue is not there, you can write to me, and I can add your particular issue to the karma clearing activations around money.

“And on behalf of all of us, I want to thank Armonz for sending me this letter, because I feel that his letter has opened ideas in me, and allowed me, with St. Germain, to bring this information through to you. And so many of us are needing this support to do with abundance right now.

“So, until we meet again…go well!… From me to you, many many blessings, and much love. And have a wonderful day, and a wonderful couple of weeks ahead. Amen. Bless you.”

–excerpted from “Your Ascension Plan,” World Puja, Judy Satori, 10 January 2011,



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