20 April 2014


“Conveyed through Méline Lafont

“Picture by Méline in Merlins Cave, April 2014

“Méline: I was writing about Ascension a few days ago from my I AM Presence perspective when after a few lines I felt my Masculine Self coming through. And so Saint Germain has spoken.

“Greetings my dear friends,

“Please do know that Ascension is not an event that is happening on a certain day or a specific date, like for example a birthday party that is taking place on a certain date and that if you are too late on this party that you cannot participate in its joy of the moment, or that if it is even possible to be too late for it.

“Ascension is not an event that can be postponed or something that could not go through, for it is an ongoing process that takes place every single day, every single second of your existence. It is your cells, your being, your every now moment of change and integration, realization, growth, insights.

“Ascension is taking place within you every now moment of your existence, it is in laughter, it is in joy, it is in bliss, it is in love, it is in meditation, participation in love, it is Self Love, acceptance, allowance, inner knowing, wisdom, freedom, expansion, it is all of the beauty within you reflected on the outside of the world. It is the knowing of, and the realization that you ARE GOD, that you are Divine, that you are consciousness, that you are All That Is. It is the embracing of all of your multifaceted features and the being that you are in the now and in all of your existence.

“Ascension is liberty, respect, your inner temple and sun into this being. It is all that you have dreamed of and yearned for and it is YOU. So as YOU are every day, every now moment in this existence, as you ARE existence and consciousness… it is YOU that you yearn for from the heart and so that makes your Ascension in its entire being. BE your Ascension by Being, and Ascension will be every now moment. It will never be too late nor will it ever be postponed nor canceled for it is always YOU as YOU are infinite and existing. If you see that Ascension is you, you are already free.

“Free yourself from the slavery of thoughts and limitations that you have set for yourself and there you will meet your Ascension and come to the realization that you have always been ascending, every single now moment. You want it too fast, you want it tangible with proof; it is an outside affirmation which on the same token you affirm to be outside of yourself for you search it not within you. How can we prove something to be, if everything you seek for to be already IS?! It is already in you and it is you! How must we prove this to Be if it is you and you are a living being of consciousness!? Does that not prove enough my friends?! That you exist and that if you exist, Ascension exists.

“Do not let yourself be distracted by the waiting position of others to come and do it for you. There is no such thing my friends. There is only being and everything else that comes not from being is distraction, is separation and is learning through fractals and experience, which is action and separation. Action is splitting the core into a fractal to experience the flow of this action, which we call an expression and experience. Which is fine, of course. It is there to teach you and to bring you back to where you came from in the first place.

“My friends, allow the core of your being to be that what it is you seek. Give it your love and the attention you need, for it is all in there and no place else. All the beauty on Earth and the outside reality are wonderful teachers and provide experiences. Enjoy those but do not get entrapped in them or you become those. See through the mirror of yourself what it is that makes you the one that you are in the now, what it is that you are so eagerly searching for and the answer will lead you the way to the point where you need to start over in a whole other way, to look at it from a different perspective. Learn and teach, know and BE.

“We are in the midst of Ascension and it is an ongoing flow, not a one day event of such sorts. It is the flow of your growth and Being so allow, sit back on your own ride and trust your inner Self wholeheartedly. You grow every day and this is what makes Ascension so tangible in your reality. No one can do it for you as you are the ONLY one who can instigate and lead your own Ascension process.

“It is my heartfelt desire to once again stress the fact that it is about Self mastery of the you within you and that it is those who you call us, the Ascended Masters, Galactic family, Archangels and so on, that will assist in what you bring forth and create from within: from the being that you are. As without your own beingness and creation there is no change or assistance to be done from our part in the Heavenly realms. It is you that bring the changes from within through being and it is us that assist you in the realization of what you bring forth.

“You can see it as a Magical spell that you bring forth after mastering and learning your Magician skills, and it is us sprinkling the magical dust to make it happen even stronger after you spoke your spell. The magical dust can be compared to all of the portal activations, sun template activations, cosmic light and encodings, Solar Flares, cosmic events through alignments and shifting, all orchestrated with us/ by us and by the Source of All that Is. Change is within you as it starts from you and from nowhere else. Do not sit and wait for events to take place and take matters into your own hands by being the Master that you ARE.

“Quantum consciousness is a major key in this all and it is ready for those who have achieved a certain level of Self mastery, which implies a certain consciousness and a knowingness of ‘Is-ness’. There can only be ‘delays’, ‘cancellations’ or whatever you wish to name it by creating this yourself through taking this for your reality. When you feel that Ascension is not happening, it means that you do not see it within yourself and so you do not sense this and certainly do not see it reflected in your outer reality.

“Look more into that area of yourself and think about it; is it truly another outside Source that is stopping YOUR ascension process? Let us leave it with these last words, it will be an already enough hectic ride for many and my heartfelt Love and compassion for you all is what I wish to convey to you all, for it is out of tremendous Love that I bring this message to you. I wish for you to see this now and to look deeper within you.

“My Love, Grace and infinite compassion,
“Saint Germain

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19 April 2014

“Blessings Beloveds,

“This passage continues to be awe-inspiring. It is difficult to encapsulate in a few words the magnificence of this new light. Each wave is stronger than the last; we understand why the higher realms keep calling them tsunami waves. You can feel the pull of the outgoing current in between them; the shoreline dragging out before the next wave comes crashing in. As we felt the energetic sands sucking out between our toes the last few days, we anticipate the rush of new light to be delivered tonight. Easter’s resurrection gateway continues through the Grand Cross this week, and promises to be glorious.

“Glorious is defined as deep integration of what we have taken on so far, and an amplification of our journey here. No matter where you have focused your consciousness, the zero point mirror provides a clear view for that focus.

“I understand that many have allowed the energy to sway them into anxiety about this gateway. Remember that a gateway is an opportunity to expand your consciousness. You may utilize it to further your ascension journey; it will show you what needs your attention. Activations are plentiful, and the amplification of the Solar Cosmic Christ is very strong.

“This is a resurrection of the true divine HUman, the template of Source-in-Carnate. This is what many of us are consciously choosing to welcome in this moment. It feels like a big passage because of external influences on your consciousness – we are being steered by these light waves into the truth of our selves. Some ride the light waves, unafraid to meet their true self, while some resist and get caught in the current, pulled in and out by the waves (or dragged under). Relax into the divine flow. Release your expectations of what it will look like or feel like, so you may have your own unique experience and expression. Honor the divine return, embody the light if you choose to ride the waves. Feel the purity, the divinity in this new light. Breathe. All is unfolding in divine perfection.

“I love you so very much. Many blessings for this Divine Gateway.

“In love, light and service,


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The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” and Consciousness

Posted on 13 November 2013

“Many believe that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone. Recent scientific research suggests that consciousness actually emerges from the brain and body acting together. A growing body of evidence suggests that the heart plays a particularly significant role in this process….”

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The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” and Consciousness.



Dear Ones,

Here is a version of the song Ana BeKoach that transforms the energy of the lower triangle and frees it from the dark:

Uploaded on 27 February 2010
“Ana BeKoach – The 42-letter name of God — The Kabbalistic pray as a song performed by Ovadia Chamama, Yitzik Eshel and ‘Heaven and Earth’”


Uploaded on Jan 27, 2010
EMUNAH – ANA BEKOAH- Adi Arad& Hagit Kfir


Published on Jan 8, 2013
by tamarhuski



הדלקת נר הוא כמו עולם ומלואו
הדלקת נר מכבדת את נשמתו של האדם
הדלקת נר עבור הנשמה יכול להאיר עולם ומלואו
בהדלקת נר נוצר החיבור בין עולם היצירה לעולם הבריאה
בהדלקת נר הנשמה מקבלת את המסר מהאדם שהוא עמה
בהדלקת נר אפשר לשלוח מסרים אשר יאירו אל השמים פנים
בהדלקת נר אפשר לבקש בריאות ופרנסה,שפע ורפואה,זוגיות ועוד
בהדלקת נר האדם נשמע וגם נראה גם אם אין הוא רואה או דבר חווה

קת נר הוא כמו עולם ומלואו
הדלקת נר מכבדת את נשמתו של האדם
הדלקת נר עבור הנשמה יכול להאיר עולם ומלואו
בהדלקת נר נוצר החיבור בין עולם היצירה לעולם הבריאה
בהדלקת נר הנשמה מקבלת את המסר מהאדם שהוא עמה
בהדלקת נר אפשר לשלוח מסרים אשר יאירו אל השמים פנים
בהדלקת נר אפשר לבקש בריאות ופרנסה,שפע ורפואה,זוגיות ועוד


13 March 2012

“One of my ‘projects’ during the past year has been integrating more daily prayer into my life. I find that taking time to ‘talk’ to Hashem when I begin and end my day helps me to feel more grounded and centered… and, not surprisingly, I love the structure of the ritual. I’ve been fortunate to have the guidance of some gifted rabbis, and of some friends who have doubled as passionate teachers. I’ll be truthful and admit that not EVERY prayer resonates with me. But, there are a few to which I feel deeply connected, and I would like to focus this post on one of them: Ana B’koach.

“Ana B’koach is one of my favorite parts of the Kabbalat Shabbat liturgy. I’m aware that it is loaded with deep kabbalistic meaning, but that’s not why I love it (I don’t really ‘get’ kabbalah, to be honest). No, the main reason why I’m drawn to this prayer is its beginning:

“Ana b’koach gedulat yemincha, tatir tzerurah.

“I’ve heard this translated several ways, but my favorite is: We beg You, with the strength of Your right hand, untie our tangles. I just LOVE that image. There have been many times in my life, particularly in my recovery journey, when I have felt that my soul is all tied up in knots. When I was in treatment, a therapist asked me to draw how I envisioned myself and my eating disorder. I remember drawing a little red stick figure surrounded by a tangled mess of black scribbles. In recovery, I have found freedom from that hopelessness. However, there are still times when I feel bound up by life, pulled in different directions and unsure how to unwind. In those moments, I yearn for Hashem to reach down and gently help me untie myself.

“The other theme of this prayer that resonates with me is that Hashem treats gently and mercifully those who acknowledge His ‘oneness.’ Part of my work in recovery has been realizing that, ultimately, life is in Hashem’s control–not in mine. It has been a tough concept to accept, because if there’s one thing I love, it’s being in control. That’s a big part of what my eating disorder was all about: micromanaging my surroundings, my intake, and my body in an effort to avoid all discomfort. In recovery, I’m having to realize that I’m just not as powerful as I might sometimes wish I was. I can take initiative, I can put my best effort into things, and I can make educated choices… but the truth is that I do not see the whole picture, and I might not know what ultimately is best for me. The only one who sees how all the pieces fit together is Hashem, and I have to trust that all the experiences He brings me are going to lead me to positive growth. When I internalize this belief, I open myself to Hashem’s love and mercy.

“When I say Ana B’koach, I close my eyes and turn my focus inward to a conversation that is between just Hashem and me. As my mouth recites the traditional Hebrew, here is what my soul is saying:

“Please, Hashem, help me untangle myself. As I try to live my life in a way that makes You proud of me, please protect me and bless me. Guide me to bring goodness to my community and light to the people whose lives I touch. Help me to keep my eye on the ball and to see my way out of confusion. Please, Hashem, know that I am trying. Show me what is right for me to do.

“Recently, I came across this version of Ana B’koach sung by a choir from a girls’ school in Israel.

“My wish for us all is that we continue to merit Hashem’s help in untangling ourselves from the knots in which we find ourselves.”