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Here’s a video on mental filters, on the Orion Wars, service to self, service to the All, the ‘Earth hologame’ mental filter, the history of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, on forgiveness, war and peace on Earth, love of God, anchoring Earth as human beings, cities of light, the illusion of Earth, parallel world spinoffs, soul group wounding, guilt, blame, self-worth, the importance of extreme density, and ‘the key to ascension’!

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(1) “Change Your Mental Filters,” by Lindsay Gibson, Psy.D.,

(2) excavation of Mesa Verde cliff dwellings:

(3) “Peggy Black’s Invocation Connecting and Anchoring Divine Golden Essence and Mother Earth’s Energy,”–2012-10/Peggy%20Blacks%20Invocation.pdf

(4) “Mathematical Proof of Parallel Universes,”



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Here’s a video about belonging to groups, family life, hope and a sense of belonging, wisdom of the heart, the All, worldwide telepathy, acceptance of diversity, compassion, ecumenical outreach, clearing of soul wounds, secrets, forgiveness, worldly authority, finding Divine love, infinite possibilities, surrendering and letting go, limiting thoughts, and asking God for help.

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I was asked about the ‘chain’ round Christ’s heart in the picture. Here’s my answer: I’m a little rusty on all that… Isn’t that the crown of thorns that was placed on Christ’s head at the time of the Crucifixion?

I had a vision recently about Christ’s life… maybe you would like it… In the vision I saw Christ as a great being of light and love. Before he was born, he saw the suffering of mankind, and had a great longing to offer us all the hope of a better tomorrow, a future reality where we might all dwell in unconditional love.

But because of the state of duality into which mankind had fallen, we existed in a dimension where every good action had an equal and opposite effect. So He knew in his heart that, in order to offer us an example of a life of true, unconditional love, there would be a heavy price to pay, in terms of the Dark. He looked at the human alternate timelines and decided the example of Light and Love and Hope that his life on Earth would provide was worth the price that must be paid…. And so He incarnated on Earth…

Then my vision flew to the Garden of Gethsemane. In anguish, this Great Soul appealed to the Father to lift the burden of hatred and Crucifixion from Him. But Grace came to him in the form of a vision. He learned with a certain surety that He might accept Crucifixion, accept that burden of hatred, and allow the Christian faith to flourish. Or he might decline that burden, live out his life in peace and love… but the consequence would be that his followers would take on that burden of hatred, and his message would be lost to humanity during the dark ages to follow.

To our great happiness, His brave and loving heart accepted the burden, the pain of Crucifixion, and Christianity has shown forth as a light to souls in desperate need of hope and solace since that day.

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(1) from



Dear Ones,

Here are quotes from Sananda’s 7/18/14 message through Kathryn E May (see link below) that I found most relevant to my own life right now. These quotes have to do… at least in my own experience… with coming into a relationship of loving acceptance with regard to the growing phenomenon of worldwide telepathy:

Sananda – Freedom Requires Service – Channeler Dr Kathryn E May – 7-18-14 (excerpt)

“The Prosperity Programs we have in store for you are designed to provide you with much more than money. We are helping you to buy your own freedom from drudgery and oppression. This is why they have been linked to the new blossoming of true freedom in your systems of governance. You will see rather sudden and somewhat disruptive change, as many begin to feel their own power to demand dignity, independence and free expression of their own needs.

“Initially, you will notice that many are confusing the idea that doing, saying and demanding anything you wish at any moment is freedom. Of course, freedom is a much more complex state of being than just grabbing the attention of others, or loudly expressing opinions about various things against which you happen to feel dislike.

“It does not involve rebelling against everything that represents authority; neither does it require that you take the position of opposition to all those who have ever or might ever cause you pause or pain. That is a child’s version, like the insistence on eating as much candy as you want, regardless of how it affects your body or who might be affected when you create unpleasantness for others.

“Freedom is the achievement of a delicate balance between authentic self-expression and service to others. Yes, I include service to others, because this is the only way to achieve real personal freedom in the context of living graciously in the company of others. It is the only way to achieve personal fulfillment and therefore peace of mind. So, you see, being of service to others is not an extracurricular activity. It is the fountain from which all high vibration flows, the source of deep kindness and Love….

“There is a terrible tradition of name-calling and verbal abuse in your Western cultures. Even people who consider themselves loving, giving Lightworkers fall into the trap of saying things to others or about others which cut deeply. Beloved Ones, there is no room in the life of one who truly wishes to be of service to say things to another about the state of their heart, or the quality of their personality, or their underlying motivations, unless you are specifically asked to do so. It is not your province to evaluate others and proclaim their worth. As we have been showing you, the Company of Heaven, of which you are a part, accepts you without condition, without condemnation, ever.”

In love, light and laughter,

PS: Kathryn’s message thought Sananda is well worth reading in its entirety:



This picture isn’t of me. Isn’t it funny how some of the most memorable moments of our lives are only recorded in our hearts? This picture is from

Dear Ones,

Some of my favorite channels are solidly in favor of teaming up with our star brethren, and all other beings of high vibration, in order to help transmute the ancient suffering of humanity, and the consequent burden under which Earth labors. Is it wrong or dangerous to team up with celestial beings? Could Hollywood be right about all this – that evil stalks the Earth?

I can only take this question from the starting point of my own heart, which, after all, holds all the wonders of the Universe. If teaming up with a celestial team helps my heart shine, then that’s fine for now. I have a feeling that this teamwork is a temporary step in the evolution of my heart.

I’m reminded of the time in my youth when I received a 2-wheel bike as a birthday present. It was my heart’s greatest dream come true. But try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to keep my balance. Then Stephen came to visit. He was 6 ½ years old – 6 months older than me. Incredibly worldly wise and experienced. My idol.

Now I lived out in the country, and the only place to practice bike balance was on my family’s gravel driveway. So Stephen and I went out on the driveway. I got on the bike. I could not quite reach the ground with my feet while sitting on the bike seat, so I had to stand off the seat to get one foot on a pedal, and the other foot on the ground. This lack of a seat made the venture seem utterly precarious.

Stephen said I should start pedaling. He would hold the bike steady from behind, so I could keep my balance. I started pedaling. I was comforted to hear him running behind me. He said, “Pedal faster!” So I did.

The wind was whipping through my hair. I felt a sense of wild exhilaration. Then I realized I couldn’t hear Stephen running beside me anymore. I looked back, and there he was, 100 yards behind me, grinning and waving.

Unfortunately, the act of turning my head unbalanced me, and I toppled off the bike. But ever since that day, I was able to balance and ride on my beautiful new bike.

I think it’s like that with our Christed star brethren – they’re helping us hone our ascension skills. Once we get our balance, they’ll be smiling and waving us on.

In love, light and laughter,




11 July 2014

“One of the most common questions I get is ‘How can I talk to my Spirit Guides?’

“Learning to hear your Spirit Guides is a little like learning to walk as a child.  

“All that’s really required to learn to walk is that you keep trying. Your built in reflexes will automatically take you step by step (no pun intended) from rolling to crawling to standing to stumbling to walking.  There are muscles to strengthen and coordination to build.  It takes time.  But you don’t need instructions. They are built in – you got the instructions when you were born.  Just keep trying, and you’ll naturally pick it up.

“Keep in mind that, like learning to walk, it may take longer than you want to hear your Guides. Getting frustrated will only make it take longer. So, enjoy the journey!  Get excited when you hear something, get a clear message, feel your Guide’s presence, or see light showing an answer to you.  Perhaps you’ve just learned to crawl!  How exciting!

“If you only try to talk to your Guides once or twice, don’t hear anything back, then declare yourself a failure and decide that you can’t do it, well…. that’s a bit like standing up your newborn child and being disappointed when they don’t walk across the room.  It’s just silly.

“Be patient! Have fun along the way. If you keep at it, you will learn. And when you do, you’ll forget any frustration encountered along the way.

“If you’re not hearing your guides yet, it just means you’re only part way along that journey.  Keep going!  The only way to not get there is to stop trying.

What do Guides sound like?

“Your guides can hear and see you, even if you are completely unaware of them. Just talk to them like they’re your good friends and advisors.

“‘Hey Guides – I could use a little help here.  I’m trying to decide which is the best choice for me.  Can you give me a hint?’

After you get the hang of it, they’ll just talk back.

“‘Sure Jeff. We recommend you take a little break and not make a choice at all right now. That’s why you’re having a hard time deciding – your timing is off.  Check again in 2 weeks.  It’ll all be clear then.  

“‘By the way, didn’t you just say that in class last week?  Did you think we were talking only to your students?  (guides chuckling)’

“Yeah – Spirit Guides can be a little cheeky like that. They are serious about helping you, but don’t usually take themselves or you too seriously.  I’ve been talking to my Spirit Guides for over a decade, and the conversation invariably starts the same way.

“Me: ‘Hey Guides – are you there?’

“Guides: ‘We’re always here.’ 

Me: “Oh yeah :-)

“By poking fun at me a bit, they always make me smile, and set the tone for a fun, light conversation.  Which is perfect, because when I ask for their help, I’m usually feeling serious about something.

How do I know if I’m hearing my Guides?

“Messages from your guides are often funny, usually a bit surprising, and always insightful.  They are always supportive and honest – not judgmental, pushy, or negative.

“If you’re hearing messages like…

“T’ake choice A! Or else!’  or

“‘Why are you such an idiot? Take choice B’ or 

“‘It doesn’t matter. You’ll fail either way.’ or

“‘That’s a stupid question.’

“… these messages are not coming from your Spirit Guides.  That’s likely just your pain talking.  Just imagine you are turning the dial – tuning your radio to a different station.  Keep trying until you get a better station.  No one is forcing you to listen to that boring, old, negative channel.  (If they are, call me, and we’ll do an exorcism! Seriously.)

“Messages from your Guides are kind and helpful, however they are not always what you want to hear.  Remember, your Guides are honest – which can be painful at times. And, they are helpful – which means giving you a little kick in the butt sometimes.

“I’ve even had arguments with my Guides – when I didn’t like what they told me and didn’t want to follow their advice.  I might ask for different solutions and different answers, yet they keep giving the same “unwanted” advice. Sometimes, it’s only after I reluctantly follow their advice that I see the wisdom in it.

“But, honestly, they’ve been right every time, regardless of my resistance or different opinion. And, even when they tell me something I don’t like, it’s always delivered in a caring, loving way.

“Over time, I’ve learned to welcome the difficult guidance with less resistance. It always means I’m getting ready to break free from an old pattern. Which feels great once I’ve actually broken free!

Some Tips for Communicating with your Spirit Guides

“Tip 1. Be open to answers in any form.

“Your Spirit Guides are very clever, and they know you better than you know yourself.  Even if you can’t hear them, they will find a way to get through to you, if you let them.

“It might be a ‘thought’, or a dream, or an inspired answer coming through your friend.  Your attention might be drawn to words on a sign or to a specific article or book. You might overhear a conversation and get your answer. Maybe you’ll see light around someone who can help you.

“If something seems a little funny – like there’s a glitch in the Matrix – pay attention. You are likely right next to your answer, and all you need to do is think about your question to find your answer.

“Tip 2. Validate your prior success.

“Think back to the times in your life where you already made remarkably good choices, where you succeeded in unlikely circumstances.  In these times, you were following your guidance superbly.

“Maybe you thought it was your excellent brain that resulted in your success, but did you ever wonder where your brain got all those great insights and answers?

“Tip 3. Try following your guidance, even if you’re unsure.

“When I was learning, I would ask my Guides for traffic assistance. It was a fun game with quick, tangible results.  I would ask

“‘Of the many ways to drive to work, which is the fastest today?’

“Sometimes I would hear a street name. Sometimes I would see light around a highway exit, or just feel compelled to turn a certain way.

“Oftentimes, I was unsure if I was really getting guidance. I wondered if I was making it up.  Yet, I followed it anyway.  More often than not, I was validated with an easy ride to work, and often I would see traffic backed up on the other possible routes.

“Having a way to measure the results made my guidance more real to me.

“Tip 4. Try consciously not following your guidance. 

“It may sound funny, but consciously not following your guidance can provide great validation too!

“With my ‘traffic guidance’ experiment, I would sometimes intentionally not go the way I was guided.  These choices took me into stand still traffic, road-side accidents, unusual road closures, and other unexpected delays.

“For me, this was just as validating, as I could clearly see that my guidance was indeed making a difference.  Seeing the alternatives encouraged me to follow my guidance even more.

“Obviously, I only recommend this approach for situations where a little difficulty or delay is acceptable for you.

“Tip 5. Relax and have fun!

“Don’t expect yourself to get it perfect right away.  You are learning, and you going to make mistakes.  Sometimes, you will make up your answers or just hear what you want to hear. That’s ok.  Only with practice can you learn the difference.

“Even when you are getting clear guidance, there are times where you will be surprised or disappointed by the initial results.  Occasionally, I would think…

“‘I heard my guidance clearly, and I followed it. So, why did I end up in this difficult situation?!’

“What I learned is that I am sometimes guided into difficult situations – perhaps to expose and heal an old wound, or to learn something valuable. Some guidance can only be understood later – sometimes much later – when you have the perspective to see how the situation was perfect for you.

“With experience, you will learn to trust your guidance, and be grateful for any experience it brings.

“Tip 6. Get help from a psychic or energy worker 

“It always helps to spend time with people who have already learned what you’re wanting to learn.  Get a healing, get a reading – get help in whatever you feel guided to do.  There’s no need to learn on your own, when there are great people available to help you!  :-)

“Thank you!

“Thanks for taking the time to read this article!  I hope it inspires you to a lifetime of great conversations with your Spirit Guides.  I can imagine few things more powerful or comforting. Have fun!







16 July 2014

We are rapidly approaching the moment of humanity’s awakening.  The moment for which so many of you have been hoping and praying is finally close at hand.  And, of course, you have heard many statements like this over the last few years . . . followed, seemingly, by an all engulfing silence!  Nothing!  Just discouragement and deep disappointment.  However, it is necessary to encourage you to expect its imminent arrival because you then firmly and determinedly hold the intent for it to happen, and it is humanity’s intent, the collective intent that is bringing it about.

“Despite the many disappointments you all know that humanity’s awakening is inevitable, and that it must happen soon because the present mass unawareness of humanity’s spiritual nature is in no one’s best interests, while causing untold suffering worldwide.  And your knowing, you the way-showers and Light bearers, has enabled you to remain strong and committed to humanity’s awakening despite the long and arduous journey and the many apparent setbacks you have been experiencing as you travel along.  You incarnated to show the way, and, as you can see from the enormous amount of information available on spiritual web sites, you are making it happen.  Fantastic progress has been made in the last decade, and there is absolutely no chance of any back-sliding, that progress continues to be built on as the foundations upon which the illusion was built crumble irretrievably away.

“This channel believed that awakening would occur by Christmas 2003!  He was intensely disappointed when it did not, but after re-assessing the situation, as he perceived it, he came to the conclusion that it had just been unavoidably delayed.  He continues to hold the Light, just like all of you, and it is that constant, persistent, indomitable intent to make it happen that you all hold that is bringing it to fruition.  Do not lose heart now, just as you approach the finishing line, because, notwithstanding the news of wars and conflicts all across the globe, you are truly very close.

Change is very unsettling for the majority because human life is very much concerned with stability, regularity, and continuity, and because that state seemingly provides the safety and security that all desire.  But on Earth change is endemic!  In your fairly recent history you have had – to name only a few – the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the legislation to end slavery, the rise of the Trades Unions, Women’s Suffrage, many kinds of political and religious diversifications, and numerous technical changes in transport, communication, medicine, and, of course, the growth of multinational corporations that appear to answer only to themselves.  All these changes were extremely disruptive and unsettling in their way, and yet you have learnt to live with them and take advantage of the benefits that many of them have introduced.

“You are now in another period of enormous change, far more intense and disturbing than any that have gone before, and you will survive!  Tremendous benefits will result from the ongoing disturbances that, at present, look as though they could lead to some major and possibly catastrophic wars.  Yes, your modern technological weapons are insanely powerful, and if used would bring unconscionable suffering to millions of you.  That will not happen.  As you have frequently been told by those in the spiritual realms, through the various channels that they use to communicate with you, the time for war is past.  Enough of you are fully aware of the disastrous consequences that new wars would have on humanity and the planet to ensure that nowhere on Earth will politicians ever again be given the authority to engage in war.  The wars presently in progress will be brought to an end, setting the stage for a worldwide opening of hearts and minds on a scale never before seen or even thought remotely possible.

“Humanity as a whole is nauseated by the effects of war on your beautiful planet, war that has been a constant companion to life on Earth for eons.  In this present age those who have lost loved ones or seen them severely and permanently injured, either physically or psychologically due to war, no longer see that suffering as a necessary and inevitable sacrifice for the good of a nation to which they owe unconditional allegiance and to ensure peace, because it is now clearly apparent that sacrifices of this nature never result in peace.

“Maybe temporary ceasefires occur, allowing the warring parties to regroup and re-equip themselves for the next conflict, while political leaders, the intelligence agencies, and the military continue to warn you of the dire threat of terrorist activities to keep you in fear and to ensure that you support them in their constant development of military machinery, and in their attempts to remove ever more of your individual rights and freedoms ‘for your own safety and security.’

“’Divide and conquer’ is a phrase that has been used for eons to delineate the method used by those in power to remain in power, and today the threat of terrorist attack is the current method as many of you are only too well aware.  However, those in power have ‘cried wolf’ far too often, and their dishonesty and lack of integrity is being increasingly brought to light by many courageous and determined whistle-blowers.  The attempts by ‘the powers that be’ to malign, discredit, and smear these honest ones who are disclosing the massive corruption and unconscionable agendas in which they are continuously engaged are failing.

As well as a Tsunami of Love enveloping the world and humanity, there is also a Tsunami of Disclosure.  It has been building in strength and intensity for many decades, and is all set to break and sweep from power those who would hold humanity to ransom in their desperate struggle to retain the power that they believe is their rightful inheritance.  The time for self-centered, arrogant, mischievous, and dishonest ‘chiefs and leaders’ to hold the reins of power over humanity is finished.  The revelations of enormous corruption in high places that are now being released in an ongoing flood of previously secret files and documents cannot be suppressed.  The truth is out there, and it is being revealed.

“As further revelations – that to many will be amazing, stunning, unbelievable – of the unconscionable activities and plans of the so-called ‘elite’ are made public it is up to you, the Light bearers and wayshowers to focus powerfully and determinedly on being loving in all your thoughts, words, and actions.  It would be very easy to fall into fear, horror, and intense anger as some of these revelations demonstrate how badly you have been misled and deceived.  There will possibly be great emotional surges as those who trusted discover the truth, and massive demands for vengeance and the punishment of these corrupt ones may arise.

“Love is the ONLY way forward.  There is no other way, and it is your task to demonstrate this by your own loving attitudes and behaviors along with the wisdom to which you all have access when you go inwards to your place of peace.  All-encompassing unconditional Love has to be offered freely to all, no matter how badly they may have behaved.  This does not mean to discount or ignore what they have done and the suffering that it has caused.  It means to offer them compassion while ensuring that they are never again in a position to wreak havoc on others.

They will require much psychological and spiritual assistance to enable them to access the deeper recesses of their minds where knowledge of the horrors they have perpetrated are deeply buried and denied, and then allow them into their conscious awareness for acknowledgment.  Those sad souls will need to be humanely and lovingly contained until they have understood the enormity of what they have done, become fully aware of the suffering that they have caused, and demonstrate quite clearly that they are truly sorry.  To be truly sorry is to engage with Love.

“And of course humanity’s move into full consciousness will awaken all to Love, to compassion, to forgiveness, and to an understanding that, as mirrors to each other, you have all been involved in learning the lessons necessary for your return to your fully conscious state.  There is no one among you who has not at some time behaved in ways which today would leave you feeling horrified and ashamed.  Remember, all are One, it is the collective that built the illusion in which so much pain and suffering has been experienced over the eons, and every one of you made the choice to enter and engage with it.

To judge the present day perpetrators of crimes against humanity as unforgivable is also to judge yourselves as unforgivable!  As you see yourselves now, as Light bearers and wayshowers, that is very hard to conceive of.  However, the illusion was constructed to experience separation from God, from your Source, and that could only be a most painful experience for all involved.  Separation is a state of ‘everyone for himself.’  And every human has played in that game.

BUT, it never happened.  It has seemed extremely real, even though it is not – there are very few among you who have not become emotionally involved when reading a novel or watching a movie, even though you knew that it was only a story, quite unreal, and yet you have perhaps heaved a great sigh of relief when it came to an end with the good guys winning. So, in truth there is nothing to forgive because none of that intense seeming suffering really happened.  How difficult can it be to forgive nothing?

Let go of your focus on unfairly delivered past pain and suffering and the resentment that it causes, because dwelling on it preserves it and you continue to suffer when there is truly no need.  To forgive another is to free yourself!  Not conditional forgiveness: ‘I forgive you, but I won’t forget the pain you caused me!’ or: ‘I forgive you this time, but if it happens again, watch out!’  Conditional forgiveness is meaningless, it is a patronizing attempt to lay guilt on another while demonstrating your own sinlessness.  Sin is endemic in the illusion, but in Reality it does not exist and has never occurred.

The time for judgment and its entourage of condemnation, punishment, unforgiveness and guilt is past, because that locks the entrance to your heart, shutting out the Love that surrounds you and would enter to bring you abundant joy.  Relax daily into that inner sanctuary that each one of you possesses and commune freely with those in the spiritual realms who are always with you offering succor, encouragement, and Love.  Allow the Love offered to you to flow freely through you and delight in the sense of value and self-worth It brings you.  That delight, that inestimable joy is God’s Will for you, and when you awaken, as you soon will, it will be your permanent and eternal state of existence.

“Your loving brother, Jesus.”


[Bolding is mine. --Alice]